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Manufacturer of recreational, beach, all-terrain and pool chairs and strollers

The versatile and comfortable Beach and All-terrain wheelchair allows you to access disabled activities.

Hiking wheelchair, access to swimming, jogging wheelchair, adapted kayak, handisurf… thanks to its immersion in water, the wheelchair allows you to access all types of terrain and many disabled activities, nautical and outdoor: hiking, skiing, swimming...
The Beach and All-terrain special needs buggy Hippocampe is as comfortable on the beach as on snow.

Autonomous wheelchair or disabled stroller accompanied
Thanks to its push bar or the traction kit, the special needs stroller Hippocampe can also be used as a disabled adult and child stroller.

Wheelchair accessories 
Best wheel for sand, harness, waist belt, wheelchair armrest, wheelchair headrest, wheelchair bag, wheelchair skis, special needs cushion, there are a dozen options to adapt the Beach and All-Terrain special needs pushchair to your needs. Find out more about these options in the tab below and configure your chair.


For an information request, configure your Hippocampe and click on request for information or click on request for information. :

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Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain

Forest hiking, snow walks, beach access… Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain helps you to access to nautical activites and adaptive sports


bulle neige

A snow wheelchair :

Hippocampe turns into ski wheelchair to go for walks on the snowy path with the front ski kit and the back ski set. Each ski can pivot separately, allowing the wheelchair to adapt to slopes.

bulle piscine

Wheelchair for pool :

Thanks to its stainless materials, Hippocampe Beach and All-terrain can be used as handicap pool chair for private pool.

bulle aquatique

Water and nautical sports :

Thanks to its immersion in water, the beach wheelchair allows access to adapted physical activity and nautical sports as handicap water ski, handisurf.

bulle plage

All-terrain wheelchair :

Vipamat all terrain wheelchair provides access to the beach, to lakes et to swimming. Walk along the shore, go through the puddle, roll on the sand, and share some good moments with your family and friends.

bulle randonnée

Wheelchair hiking :

Take some steep paths, go for walks on forest or take the country roas with the Vipamat Hippocampe Beach wheelchair.

anti-freezing cover

Anti-freezing cover : The thermal wheelchair leg cover to protect the user against cold and rain is very comfortable and exist in two sizes.

Wheelchair brakes

Wheelchair brakes : Swiveling and stainless, the parking brakes immobilize the beach and all-terrain wheelchair to facilitate transfers.

STABILO cushion

STABILO cushion : The waterproof STABILO neoprene cushion provides additional support to the user according to their needs.

Mixed Harness

Mixed Harness : Made of elastic neoprene the 4 points mixed harness support the user in the wheelchair or special need buggy. This harness waterproof is easy to wash and easy to install.

Rear ski kit

Rear ski kit : Interchangeable with the rear wheels. Build-up with the front ski kit, the wheelchair is transformed into a sliding wheelchair on the snow path.

Front ski kit

Front ski kit : Clipped under the wheelchair’s front wheel, it facilitates your walks on the snow, adapts to the relief and prevents snow pack…

Waist belt

Waist belt : Wide and comfortable, the belt helps to maintain the positioning of the disabled person at the bottom of the seat. Comfort foam protects the user from contact with the buckle.

Height adjustable and reclining backrest

Height adjustable and reclining backrest : Equipped with an extension for the backrest, the height adjustable and reclining backrest allows the total height of the backrest and the inclination to be varied according to the needs of the users.

Backrest bag

Backrest bag : Installed at the back of the backrest, the backpack allows you to carry your personal items during your leisure time.

transport bag

Transport bag : Practical for traveling, the transport wheelchair travel bag protects the Wheelchair Hippocampe when traveling by car or plane. Available in size L and XL.

Ballon Wheels

Ballon Wheels : The balloon wheels in option can replace the double wheels standard all terrain wheels and make it easy to move the wheelchair on fine sand.

spoke guards

Spoke guard : Easy to install, the 20” spokes guard protect the user’s hands during the walks.


Armrests : Covered by comfortable and hydrophobic foam. Swiveling and retractable, they enable to make easier transfers in/out of the Hippocampe wheelchair.


Headrest : Covered by water-repellent and comfortable foam, the headrest is compatible with the user’s size and position. Front-back, top-bottom.

Safety net for wheelchair

Safety net for wheelchair : The armrest nets and the foot net fit between the seat and the armrests or the hood, to protect the user’s hands and feet.

rain cover

Rain canopy : Manufactured with anti-UV materials, the bonnet is suitable for rain, sun and wind. It folds away easily. Its wide, transparent windows allow the user and the companion a panoramic view.

Discover the features of the Vipamat Beach and All-Terrain wheelchair Hippocampe.

Made in France, the beach wheelchair Hippocampe is offered in a standard configuration, customizable with comfort and leisure options (To be found in the options tab).

Stainless frame:

The disabled pushchair Hippocampe frame is available in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL and two colors: pink and blue. The aluminum frame tubes are treated for seawater. The blue or pink sheathed tubes are comfortable to touch, do not heat in the sun and protect from the cold in winter. The wheel axles and semi-axles are made of stainless steel. The twin wheels are without ball bearings avoiding seizure by oxidation. The outer aluminum rim covered with a Grip serves as a handrail for the user.

A comfortable and safety wheelchair:

The seat of the special needs buggy Hippocampe is composed of a thick hydrophobic foam, which does not absorb water an dries quickly.

With a thickness of 1,2”, the seat of the disabled pushchair Hippocampe is comfortable and therefore avoids skin problems. The fabric covering the seat is treated against fire as required by French quality requirements. The fixed height or adjustable height backrests (optional) are reclinable.

Wheelchair autonomous or accompanied:

The user can move with the disabled pushchair Hippocampe around independently thanks to the handrail on the outer rims. The removable push bar and the traction kit allow the companion to help the user in his movements.

Compact, lightweight and foldable:

The foldable backrest, removable push bar, removable wheels and the total weight of 37,5 pounds make the disabled Stroller Hippocampe easy to transport and space-saving to store at home or in its wheelchair’s travel and transport bag.


Used all over the world, the Hippocampe wheelchair is certified by the CERAH (French CERAH) and therefore covered by the social security and also certified NF Santé (NF health) and FDA (USA). Its youthful look and modern silhouette will make the Beach and All-terrain wheelchair your ideal companion for your leisure activities.

Wheelchair certified CE, NF French Norm NF and by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Its youthful look and modern silhouette will make the Beach and All-terrain wheelchair your ideal companion for your leisure activities.


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