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The beach and all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe

The beach and all terrain wheelchair or disabled stroller for children and adults is available in 4 sizes in length S, M, L, XL. The special needs buggy Hippocampe can be equipped with armrests, headrest, harness and support belt. Approved up to 130 Kg, the Seahorse Beach and All-terrain can be adapted to various disabilities and various terrains.

The beach and all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe is one of the world leaders in all-terrain wheelchairs. ISO 13 485 approved, the beach and all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe complies with the quality requirements of medical devices.

Numerous organizations have chosen the pushchair Hippocampe to facilitate outdoor activities, which until now have often been difficult to access for people with reduced mobility.

A disabled stroller for adults and children for your customers:

Thanks to its many options, the Hippocampe allows access to beaches, swimming, water sports, walking, hiking even on snowy paths.

The beach and all terrain wheelchair accessories: Armrests, headrest, backpack, transport wheelchair travel bag, harness and belt are comfort accessories available on the Hippocampe beach and all terrain. For leisure activities, the front ski, back skis and balloon wheels option are also available.

The water wheelchair pool Hippocampe

The water pool wheelchair Hippocampe allows people with reduced mobility access to the various areas of a private or public swimming pool or water parks. Thanks to its stainless materials, the user of the water pool pushchair Hippocampe can cross the footbath, the changing rooms, the shower and can also access the pool if small steps or a sloping plane allow the progressive immersion of the water wheelchair.

The water pool wheelchair Hippocampe, swimming pool disabled buggy for individuals :

In private swimming pools, the pool Hippocampe allows the user to avoid the problems of deterioration linked to the circulation of the wheelchair in wet areas. With its camber and its hydrophobic foam seat, the comfort pool wheelchair Hippocampe is the ideal solution for private individuals. The pool Hippocampe is stable and allows the user to move around easily.

Water pool wheelchair Hippocampe, an amphibious chair for water parks or public swimming pools.

Several water parks and swimming pools centre have chosen the Pool Hippocampe to allow their visitors to access water activities (Europa Parcs, Center Parcs…). Having a swimming pool disabled stroller avoids the hygiene problems linked to the circulation of a own wheelchair in these establishments receiving the public.

The Marathon running wheelchair

The Hippocampe Marathon is a racing wheelchair suitable for running. The light-spoke wheels make it easier to pick up speed on the road. The design of the handlebars and the side grips equipped with disc brakes, optimize the thrust of the wheelchair, and facilitate the changes of trajectories and braking.

A sports wheelchair for new challenges.

Developed in close collaboration with disabled people and racers, the racing wheelchair Marathon Hippocampe has been designed to offer everyone the opportunity to compete in sporting events.

Training in running, marathon racing in wheelchair or jogging, the Marathon Hippocampe can be used like all terrain wheelchair. A pair of trail wheels is also available as an option for steeper paths.

A transportable wheelchair

The marathon disabled pushchair hippocampe is a foldable, transportable in its wheelchair bag. Ideal for travelling.

A special needs buggy with disc brakes

The pull-out disc brakes of the marathon wheelchair provide optimum braking performance and can be easily removed without tools. It is also possible to lock the brake system for use as a parking brake.

A safe wheelchair thanks to its equipment

Equipped with armrests and protective nets for hands and feet, the Marathon special needs buggy allows safe racing. The spoke guard on the wheels also protect the user’s hands. Other equipment is optional, to discover on our product page.

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Since its creation, Vipamat has been committed to improving the comfort and accessibility of leisure activities for people with disabilities.

Based in France, the Vipamat team designs, develops, manufactures and markets technical solutions that promote access to outdoor activities.

Our range of wheelchairs, disabled strollers for adults and children, special needs buggy:

The range consists of 3 wheelchairs, Beach and All Terrain wheelchair Hippocampe, the Marathon running wheelchair Hippocampe and the Pool wheelchair Hippocampe.