Pool wheelchair Hippocampe,

the Water wheelchair pool for swimming pools

Pool Hippocampe in video

The wheelchair swimming pool Hippocampe of Vipamat providing access to the pool

The pool wheelchair Hippocampe of Vipamat simplifies access for disabled people to adapted physical activities such as disabled swimming. The pool pushchair Hippocampe is used in public swimming pools (aquatic centres, aquatic parks, public swimming pools) and in private pools.

A water wheelchair pool
The pool wheelchair Hippocampe is an amphibious wheelchair, made of stainless materials and designed to resist water.
The cloakrooms, the shower, the toilets, and the crossing of the footbath, the disabled pool pushchair Hippocampe accompanies the user in the aquatic area.

A launching system for disabled people.
The accessibility of the pool is possible with the special needs pushchair pool Hippocampe if the pool is equipped with steps or an inclined plane. It is an alternative to pool lifts. The Swimming pool wheelchair can be used independently or accompanied as a stroller for disabled adults and children.

Easy to handle and comfortable wheelchair
With its camber and its swivel front wheel, the Hippocampe wheelchair is easy to handle. Its hydrophobic foam seat provides the necessary comfort in a humid area. The low seat height ensures the stability of the chair.

An armchair suitable for Public Establishments and communities.
The disabled swimming pool wheelchair is a swimming pool material meeting the requirements of the disabled access law, it is an asset for the communities which make this approach.

Health and Safety
French-made, the Swimming pool hippocampe meets quality requirements. Made in France, The Hippocampe Pool is ISO 13 485 certified. The use of the wheelchair Hippocampe will avoid hygienic problems related to the access of a city wheelchair inside the wetland of the aquatic area.


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Our Pool wheelchair Hippocampe, partner of your outings in private or public swimming pools


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Pool wheelchair Hippocampe :

The Pool wheelchair Hippocampe can be used in a private pool for launching thanks to its stainless steel materials.

Water wheelchair pool Hippocampe

Water resistant:

the frame of the pool pushchair Hippocampe is stainless. The hydrophobic seat does not sponge and dries quickly.

Pool wheelchair wheels:

the wheelchair’s grey tires do not mark the floor of the aquatic area.

Three ways to access the pool:

To access the pool with the wheelchair accessible swimming pool three solutions are possible:

  • Go down by the access slope then get out the floating chair.
  • Immobilize the pool pushchair Hippocampe with the brakes, transfer on the floor at the edge of the pool then descend into the pool.
  • Or, accompanied by a third person, go down the small steps of the basin to access the water.


The pool pushchair Hippocampe is designed to be rinsed and disinfected regularly.

Medical device

The swimming pool wheelchair meets the requirements for medical devices, CE and ISO 13 485 certified. Its seat is treated to resist fire.

Go through the footbath

Very chlorinated, the footbath deteriorates the wheelchairs of disabled people. The water wheelchair pool Hippocampe crosses the footbath and keeps the aquatic center area clean. The use of the Hippocampe pool wheelchair will avoid hygienic problems related to the access of a city wheelchair inside the wetland.

Disabled swimming:

swimming is the most practical sport for people with disabilities.
It allows the greatest number, from mild to heavier disabilities, to use their motor skills in a situation of weightlessness. The pool disabled buggy hippocampe facilitates access to swimming lessons for the disabled people.


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