You represent a local authority, a pool.

Vipamat products try to best meet the needs of people with disabilities to ensure their access to leisure sites. Whether for the swimming pool, the beach, first aid stations, water parks, hiking sites or campsites, equipping yourself with a Hippocampe wheelchair is part of a civic and social integration approach that is appreciated by the entire population.

Communities or private structures, we are here to inform you and help you to improve your accessibility.

Local authorities: facilitate access to your beaches with the Hippocampe wheelchair

The first wheelchair developed by Vipamat, it initially provided access to beaches, swimming, and participating in water-related leisure activities.

The Beach wheelchair Hippocampe has received numerous awards, passed many certification tests, and is now marketed throughout the world.

It is present on more than 200 beaches in France and abroad, wheelchair accessible beaches at rescue stations.

The beach wheelchair and all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe also provides access to difficult terrain, hiking trails, snowbound paths, winter sports resorts, facilitating promenades in places inaccessible to standard wheelchairs.

Aquatic center, aquatic park : facilitate access to your pool with the Hippocampe pool wheelchair

Pool wheelchair Hippocampe, the aquatic wheelchair, water wheelchair pool:

An innovative pool wheelchair, it provides access to aquatic centers, aquatic parks, care centres with pool.
The pool wheelchair Hippocampe easing the passage through showers and foot baths, allowing the user to avoid transferring several times from a standard wheelchair to another seat, and also avoiding hygienic problems related to operating a standard wheelchair in “barefoot” areas. With help disabled people can use the inclined plane or small steps to descend into the pool.
Manufactured in France the puschair Hippocampe for adult and children have CE and ISO 13 485 certification

Running clubs, disability organisations: choose Marathon Hippocampe to participate in adapted physical activities

The Hippocampe Marathon and trail wheelchair racing

Designed for running and pushing disabled adult or children, the Hippocampe Marathon is the partner of sports clubs, disability organisation to participate in runnig, half-marathons or marathons.
With the Hippocampe Marathon running puschair you can run for fun, or participe to inclusive trail or running events.
Help disability organisation or private disabled people to by the perform and light special needs pushchair Hippocampe Marathon.

Made inFrance / CE