Vipamat has ISO 13485 certificate

Vipamat has now the ISO 13485 certificate by AFNOR for the manufacture and marketing of medical devices.


The internationally ISO 13485 certification has been delivered to Vipamat for its manufacturing and marketing activities of the Hippocampe range : Marathon wheelchair, Beach and all terrain wheelchair and Pool wheelchair. With this certification, Vipamat demonstrates its ability to meet the new European requirements for medical devices implemented in 2021. This approach is part of a corporate logic focused on the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services.

ISO 13 485

The management and the sales department of Vipamat would like to take this opportunity to thank their resellers for their confidence and their involvement in improving the quality of our products.

« We do most of our business internationally and achieving international ISO 13485 certification ensures our resellers, users and suppliers that we are continually working to improve the quality, reliability and traceability of our products. »  Vincent Leroy, co-manager and quality manager

vipamat iso

About ISO 13485

The international standard ISO 13485 is the reference for the implementation of quality management procedures for medical devices. It applies to the design, manufacturing and marketing industries.

A reward for the whole team

It is also for the company Vipamat and its employees a recognition of the daily work. All the chairs of the Hippocampe range are manufactured in the Vipamat workshop based in Brittany, in France.

« It’s a great reward after the investment of everyone during this year of recovery. Like many companies, the year was full of ups and downs. Between the increase in orders and the shortage of raw materials, we had to adapt to find solutions together. Obtaining the ISO 13485 certification is a recognition of the work of the whole team. »