I’m swimming in a pool

Disabled swimming: two wheelcahir Hippocampe adapted to the swimming pool

The Beach wheelchair Hippocampe and Pool wheelchair Hippocampe facilitate access to the swimming pool for people with reduced mobility. The two special needs pushchairs are equipped with a system allowing them to pass the footbath without damaging their bearings. Health certified, the Beach wheelchair Hippocampe and the Pool wheelchair Hippocampe respect fire-fighting standards and their seats are resistant to hygiene products.
One is very handy and compact (the pool wheelchair), the other, versatile, has many options (the beach wheelchair). Both are stainless, but they are used by different organizations.

The beach wheelchair, all-terrain wheelchair Hippocampe a water wheelchair versatile

The Beach wheelchair Hippocampe can be used as a disabled swimming pool wheelchair. More versatile than the Pool wheelchair Hippocampe , the beach wheelchair has two double wheels with handrails. Rather made available in private pools or certain campsites offering access to the pool and the beach, the use of the beach wheelchair Hippocampe for the pool is more punctual, the chair being less manageable and compact.

With its many options, the disabled stroller Hippocampe adapts to all types of disabilities and terrain (snow, beach, forest hikes, swimming …)

Hippocampe pool

Hippocampe pool is a compact pool pushchair for swimming pool. This wheelchair with the grey tires don’t cover the tiles. The water wheelchair pool Hippocampe is very stable and handy thanks to Its swivel front wheel and its camber. The front wheel, full, don’t float and facilites the immersion and the launching of the user. His small size gives access to showers, changing rooms and toilettes. Parking brakes equip the handicap pool chair to help during transfers.

Hippocampe beach and all terrain, hippocampe pool wheelchair, two complementary products

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