Sport for all

It’s back-to-school time, and with it comes a host of good resolutions: tidying up and getting organized, making an effort for the planet and … getting back into SPORT!
Whether you’re mentally or physically disabled, sport has many virtues, both physical and psychological!

Sport and disabled people

Whether you have a motor disability or a mental handicap, sport has many virtues, both physical and psychological!

Today, we’d like to tell you about the many associations that are equipping themselves with adapted equipment to enable people with disabilities to take part in running races. On the other hand, more and more organizers are including wheelchair-friendly starters in their events, and fleur de bouchons 56, an association located just a few kilometers from Vipamat, is helping to bring people together through sport.

How was the association created and what is its purpose?

« Fleurs de bouchons aims to bring able-bodied and disabled people together for sport and leisure.
In concrete terms, we regularly buy adapted equipment which we make available to disabled people in Morbihan. Today, requests come from even further afield, and we’re delighted to be able to help – it’s our DNA.
We have users who borrow the Hippocampes to take part in races and events all over Brittany: the Auray Vannes half-marathon, the Lorientaise or Loudéac Pontivy. We’ve also had people trekking on the Compostelle pilgrimage route for 15 days. »

How does the association purchase the equipment ?

« These purchases are partly financed by our public and private partners, but also by the corks we collect. We sell the corks to Portugal for reprocessing, and the plastic corks are sent to France for shredding and reprocessing. Our next purchase is a PMR vehicle, which we would like to make available to structures in need in our region : Home for the disabled, retirement homes or even shelters for disabled workers. »

What message would you like to convey through the association?

« We work to bring people together, and when people return the equipment, they’ve had a great time sharing, and that’s our aim. »

A fine association with which Vipamat regularly collaborates, and which unfortunately, like many associations, is short of hands and volunteers. If you’d like to put some of your free time to good use, don’t hesitate to contact them!

Website : fleurdebouchons56