The rain cover option for hippocampe

Many of our users asked us for an option to protect against wind and rain ! The team has worked on the subject and proposes now a protective canopy, adaptable to the Marathon wheelchair and the Beach wheelchair. Installed on the push bar thanks to two small parts, the rain cover protects the user’s head. With its transparent windows, contact is possible between the pusher and the user, and the user continue to enjoy the landscapes . The rain canopy can be folded down, just like a standard pushchair, when it is not in use.

Ergonomic and waterproof

The rain cover can be folded up and removed easily. Thanks to the large transparent windows, the user can enjoy the surrounding landscape. The rear part facilitates ventilation and prevents condensation. The pusher can easily see the user thanks to the transparent rear part.

Waterproof and UV protection : Get out in all weathers
The 100% Polyester canopy fabric is waterproof, water-repellent and offers UV protection thanks to its reinforced coating. You can enjoy your leisure activities in all weathers : in winter, the rain cover is a rain and wind protection and on sunny days, the rain cover provides shelter from the sun and UV rays.

The transparent part at the front of the option is removable thanks to a zip. You can adapt the protection according to the weather conditions. As with a child’s pushchair, the canopy can be folded down with a simple movement.

rain cover

Made in France

The protection is manufactured by our partner in France. The fixing system on the Hippocampe wheelchairs has been developed by the Vipamat team and is manufactured in our workshop in Brittany.

Weight: 3,2kg

wheelchair cover