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The Vipamat Marathon Hippocampe is a chair specially designed for running and marathons

Marathon Hippocampe is a wheelchair design for running and hiking. Also considered as a disabled adult stroller and disabled child stroller the marathon wheelchair allows as duo or team to participate in events: wheelchair marathon races, triathlon, jogging.

Designed and developed in close collaboration with users adults and childrens's, runners, the Marathon wheelchair was designed to be used on the road and, with its optional all terrain wheels on paths and trails. Equipped with ball bearing wheels, disc brakes and an ergonomic push bar, the marathon special needs pushchair Hippocampe gains speed easily. With its low seat, the Hippocampe wheelchair for running remains stable and comfortable, even fast turns, it is the partner of your sporting challenges.

A light frame fitted with disc brakes:
A real asset for wheelchair racing, the disc brake system ensures effective braking and locks in place as parking brakes. The removable wheels facilitate disassembly without tools.

An easily removable and transportable wheelchair:
With its innovative brake system and its removable push bar, this hiking and running special needs buggy is easily removable and transportable in its travel bag.

Wheelchair accessories:
On the standard version, for safety reasons, the Marathon and Trail wheelchair Hippocampe is already equipped with the accessories: foot net, armrests, armrest nets and a safety strap. Trail wheels, harness, belt, headrest and wheelchair transport bag are optional.


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Marathon Hippocampe, an all-terrain wheelchair suitable for road racing and hiking.

Road racing, triathlons, marathons, forest hikes, paths and trails, the Marathon wheelchair Hippocampe supports you in your disabled activities.


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Running wheelchair and jogging pushchair :

In training or during events, gain speed on the road with the Marathon wheelchair. Already tested on intense events like the Boston marathon, Berlin marathon or Paris marathon and Ironmans, the Marathon special needs buggy is also perfect for leisure, to share family moments and enjoy the landscapes.

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Sport hikes with disabled people :

With the Marathon wheelchair Hippocampe you can move in the forest, on the coastal paths and the hiking circuits. With its trail wheels, the Marathon Hippocampe pushchair becomes a wheelchair for hikes and walks, ideal for a day surrounded by nature.

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Trail wheelchair :

Thanks to the optional trail wheels, take part with your all terrain pushchair in off-road races and accessible trails.

Anti-freezing cover

Anti-freezing cover : The thermal wheelchair leg cover to protect the user against cold and rain is very comfortable and exist in two sizes.

Mixed Harness

Mixt harness : Comfortable and flexible, the 4-point mixt harness in neoprene make it easy to hold disabled children in the special needs buggy.

Waist belt

Waist belt : Large et comfortable, the waist belt maintains the user at the bottom of the special needs wheelchair.

Push bar ends

Push bar ends  : This option is an adaptation. This part, on the handlebars, allows the red handles of the chair to be clipped vertically. You can move the set according to your preferences, improving the comfort of the pusher during your running, trails or hikes.

Backbag,backrest bag

Backbag,backrest bag : Installed at the back of the frame, the back bag allows you to carry your personal items during your activities.

Transport wheelchair travel bag

Transport wheelchair travel bag : the transport wheelchair travel bag protects the jogging wheelchair when you travel by car or plane.


Adjustable headrest : Thanks to an articulation system, the headrest of the special needs pushchair is adjustable in height and in front-back. With its comfortable foam, it adapts to the morphology of the user.

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Rain canopy : Manufactured with anti-UV materials, the bonnet is suitable for rain, sun and wind. It folds away easily. Its wide, transparent windows allow the user and the companion a panoramic view.

Marathon wheelchair Hippocampe: running race in pushchair or hiking in pushchair

The Marathon Hippocampe is a special needs pushchair designed for disabled sports, adapted activities in duo and developed and test with users and runners.

A light aluminium frame:

the weight of the Running wheelchair about 37.5 pounds makes you gain speed quickly.

Safety pushchair and accessories:

Vipamat equips all Marathon and trail wheelchair with several safety accessories. Armrests and armrest nets protect the user’s hands, and net between the seat and the footrest cover secures the feet. A safety strap provides a link between the pusher and the user.

Light wheels:

The light wheelchair wheels with spokes for the road promote speed with less effort. Fine tire, with their optimizes running surface increase performance. Optional all-terrain wheels adapt to the racing wheelchair for off-roading.

Disc brakes with removable wheels:

The disc brake system provides effective braking. The innovative locking and extraction system make it easy to disassemble and change the wheels. This function allows rapid disassembly of the racing stroller Hippocampe and reduces the size of the wheelchair once disassembled.

Stable and handy:

The low seat of the special need buggy provides good stability. The disabled stroller for running is balanced and the design of the handlebar with its side handles optimizes the changes of trajectories.

Running wheelchair options:

A harness, belt and headrest are available as an option for comfortable use. A pair of trail wheels is also available to discover off-road activities. A backpack wheelchair is used to store personal items at the back of the special needs buggy and a wheelchair bag is available in two sizes L and XL.

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  1. Fabrice Halipré

    SURPRIS de l’absence d’avis concernant ce produit qui est exceptionnel. Nous détenons à ce jour 3 fauteuils et 2 en commande très prochainement. Idéal pour des courses de running aussi bien pour les valides que pour nos amis en situation d’handicap. Ne pas hésiter un seul instant. Association Artistes Sportifs de Coeur

    • Contact_Vipamat@56

      Merci beaucoup pour votre avis Fabrice.
      Nous sommes ravis d’avoir des utilisateurs aussi motivés 😉 !

      A très bientôt,

      L’équipe Vipamat.

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