Your options for summer 2021: discover the wheelchair umbrella

With the return of the long summer days, Vipamat is pleased to present its new options and the improvements of some existing ones. During the year, the team has worked to propose you a wheelchair umbrella, protecting from sun and wind, a wheelchair hood pack, protecting the user from wind and rain, a bag to carry the hippocampe wheelchair, and two bags to carry the balloon wheels of the Beach and All-terrain wheelchair and the 24 inches wheels of the Marathon and Trail wheelchair.

Wheelchair umbrella

Compatible with the Hippocampe Beach & All Terrain and the Hippocampe Marathon, the asymmetrical wheelchair umbrella is windproof and protects against rain and sunlight.

For walking and running
Originally designed for cycling with its asymmetrical shape for better aerodynamics, the Vipamat team has created an attachment to make the wheelchair umbrella compatible with the Hippocampe, allowing the wheelchair to be used in sun, rain and wind. The umbrella ribs are made from high quality materials such as fibreglass and stainless steel. This guarantees resistance to winds of up to 100 km/h. The high quality, tightly woven fabric protects you from the rain.

And the sun
For summer use, the wheelchair umbrella offers a protection factor of UPF50+, blocking 98% of UV rays.

Before going out or during a walk, the umbrella option can be oriented according to the sun’s rays. Thanks to the butterfly screw system, the sunshade can be repositioned and reoriented as required in just a few seconds.

Discover the options in video

Colour: black
Total weight of the option: 620 grams

ombrelle fauteuil roulant

wheelchair rain canopy

The wheelchair rain canopy option is now offered as a package, with the leg protection included. This additional part connects the top of the canopy to the front wheel, improving the watertightness of the whole system and protecting the user’s legs. Adaptable to all sizes of Hippocampe, the canopy option is a wheelchair rain cover, protecting against rain and wind.

The wheelchair rain cover is easy to fold and retract. Thanks to the large transparent windows, the user can enjoy the surrounding landscape. The rear part facilitates ventilation and prevents condensation. The quality of the zip and the transparent windows ensure that the option is more durable. The rigid frame system has been designed for fast movement, such as when racing with the Hippocampe Marathon wheelchair.

The wheelchair rain cover is available in 3 sizes depending on the size of your Hippocampe wheelchair.

The 100% polyester fabric is waterproof, water-repellent and offers UV protection. You can go out in all weathers: in winter, the canopy protects the user from the cold and the rain and on sunny days, the wheelchair rain canopy provides shelter from the sun and UV rays.

Discover the option in video

Poids : 3,2 kg
Le pack comprends la capote, la protection jambes et les pièces pour l’installation sur un Hippocampe.

capote pour fauteuil roulant

Luggage: The complete kit for transporting Hippocampe wheelchairs

Transport bag
With its lined bottom and handles, the wheelchair carry bag makes it easy to move the folded Hippocampe. For car journeys, the bag can even be placed in the roof box, when the boot is already overflowing with holiday stuff.

Balloon wheel bag
Balloon wheels, which make walking on dry sand easier, can be tricky to transport. With the balloon wheel bag and its side handles, the wheel set can even be carried with one hand.

24 inch wheel bag
Designed to protect the wheelset between two runs and during transport, the 24″ wheelset bag allows you to take your trail wheelset or road race wheelset everywhere.

sac de transport pour fauteuil roulant