Michal Story

Michal is 45 years old and lives in Israel. Married with four children, she is a tour guide by profession and a nature lover at heart. On September 12, 2018, she was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, a progressive nervous system disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, resulting in loss of muscle control and paralysis. She tells how she adapted in a testimonial.

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Michal Story

My name is Michal Yadgar, I am 45 years old, married and mother to four wonderful children. We live in a small village, I am a tour guide by profession and a nature lover at heart.

On 12th September 2018 I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a progressive nervous system  disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control and paralysis.

My illness forced me to adapt at an unimaginable pace. I am by nature good at adapting, accustomed to challenges and take pleasure in fast changing situations. That being said, it took me some time (at least two years), to manage to control the gap between my physical deterioration and building a routine. To remind myself what is important to me in life and what promotes my wellbeing, and to find a way to fulfill these desires.

michal hike

"Go see how beautiful it is"

My children are undoubtedly the most important part of my life, but I was missing expressing my creativity and satisfying my curiosity, I needed fresh air and movement – so I set off on some trips.

Frustration was everywhere. We would drive to the end of the accessible path and my family would continue from there without me. “Go see how beautiful it is” I would say to them, while I stayed behind, trying to imagine what they were seeing and experiencing together…

Then I bought a motor for my wheelchair and set off on a little trip on a farm path. The wheelchair almost broke. We finished the trip exhausted and relieved at not having had to call out a rescue team. That period of time, when I did not yet own a suitable wheelchair, like the “Hippocampe” wheelchair,  seemed to go on forever.

Ever since I found a solution in “Vipamat”, I have not let up. Once a week I set out to explore and rediscover the beauty of flowers in bloom, fresh running water and stunning views. My weekly trips are days full of experiences and learning, days of happiness and sanity.

michal wheelchair hippocampe