9 tips to Improve Hippocampe wheelchair in 2021

A new year begins, and with it, its share of good resolutions. At Vipamat we have made a list (not exhaustive 😊) of 9 little things you can do to Improve Hippocampe wheelchair in 2021.

1 - Disassemble and inflate your wheels

Thanks to the removable wheel axles, you can remove the wheels from your wheelchair in a few seconds. You can then check the pressure of your tires. Here are our advices for the pressures, according to your model :
– Hippocampe Marathon for road wheels : recommended pressure : 6 bars
– Hippocampe Marathon for trail wheels : recommended pressure : 2 bars
– Hippocampe Beach and all terrain : recommended pressure : 2 bars
– Hippocampe Pool : Recommended pressure : 2 bars

2 - Register on the Vipamat register to benefit from a better after-sales service

At Vipamat, each piece is numbered. By registering by email, you allow us to link our parts to the end user and further improve our traceability.
Once registered, you will be able to benefit from a faster after-sales service and advice adapted to your Hippocampe. If you are still covered by the warranty, we will be able to find you in a few clicks (even if you have lost the invoice 😉).

3 - Imagining new walks

No need to go to the other side of the world to discover new things! Just a few kilometers from your home, there may be a new walk to imagine. A lake, a river, or a village tour that will allow you to discover new landscapes.

Hippocampe wheelchair into the wild.

4 - Tighten the straps and rinse them with water.

After cleaning the seat and backrest of your Hippocampe with a damp cloth, remember to check the tension of your straps. With time, they may loosen slightly. A small readjustment maintain the fixation of your seat optimally .

5 - Setting a goal for the year

A number of kilometers with the Marathon wheelchair, a number of swims with the Hippocampe Beach, or a number of walks along the seashore, having a goal is already moving forward! Whatever your level of sport, you can take up your own challenge. This goal just needs to be clearly defined and above all achievable 😉 Share your goal for 2021 with us using the #MyVipamatChallenge

objectif hippocampe

6 - Check the frame

After a shock or with time of use, some parts may move or be worn out. Go around your frame to check all screws and parts. Our sales department will be able to inform you about the price of spare parts by phone or by e-mail.

7 - Wash the harness and waist belt

Made of neoprene, the harness and waist belt are very easy to rinse. After a hand wash with water only, they will be ready to be reinstalled on your chair.uil.

8 - Install new options

A back bag, a headrest or a carry bag, the choice is yours! Winter is the ideal time to optimize your Seahorse. Some of our options proposed on our wheelchairs:

Headrest: adjustable in height and inclination.
Transport bag: to store your Hippocampe once dismantled.
Back bag: to carry your cell phone, extra clothes or even a snack.🍰
Handlebar: for the comfort of the pusher, a hiking bar can be installed at the top of the push bar.
Rain cover: protecting from wind and rain, it improves the user’s comfort.

Discover Hippocampe Beach and All terrain options
Discover Hippocampe Marahton options

options hippocampe 2021

9 - Filmer vos aventures et continuer de nous envoyer vos photos et vidéos

Grâce à vos envois en 2020, nous avons pu partager un petit film de vos exploits en fin d’année dernière. Chez Vipamat, nous adorons recevoir vos photos📷 et vidéos📹, voir nos fauteuils en action est notre plus grande motivation ! Pour nous envoyer vos médias, deux solutions : nous les envoyer directement dans Messenger ou par mail à contact@vipamat.com.