I’m driving through the woods

Two all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe

Two special needs wheelchairs allow access to paths and trails in the forest and go for off-road rides. The Beach and all-terrain wheelchair Hippocampe and the Marathon wheelchair Hippocampe are however different in their design, one is stainless, the other has a disc brake system, both meet additional needs.

The beach wheelchair Hippocampe, an amphibious all-terrain pushchair

The beach wheelchair and all-terrain wheelchair Hippocampe can be used on steep terrain and muddy and snowy paths.
Stainless and solid, the beach and all-terrain pushchair Hippocampe also accompanies you in the mountains and during hiking walks.

Amphibious and more versatile than other Hippocampe, the beach and all-terrain special needs buggy also gives you access to the beach, swimming and nautical activities. Thanks to its wheels without bearings, you do not risk damaging the wheel axles. The wheelchair Hippocampe can be equipped with parking brakes which are immobilized when stationary.

Marathon Hippocampe, the special needs pushchair to run and hiking

The Marathon and trail Hippocampe is a running and hiking wheelchair. Stable and handy, the Marathon running pushchair quickly gains speed and can stop with his disc brakes easily. More efficient in speed than the all terrain wheelchair Hippocampe can pass through puddles and wetlands but cannot be submerged. The Marathon Hippocampe is equipped with a removable disc brake system, an additional asset, securing on slopes, witch locks when stationary.

Beach and all terrain Hippocampe, Marathon Hippocampe two products complementary

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