Discover the Hippocampe Marathon and Trail in video

The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail is the partner of your walks, hikes and races. Discover it in action in our new video!

Hippocampe Marathon and Trail, a chair for races and walks

Walks and races on the road


The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail allows you to enjoy great family outings on the road or to experience the atmosphere of a race together. Lightweight spoked wheels make it easier to pick up speed, while the handlebar design and side grips optimise pushing the wheelchair. Extractable disc brakes provide effective braking.

The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail allows you, as a duo or as a team, to participate in sporting events: wheelchair marathon, 10 km, wheelchair triathlon or even Ironman!

This running wheelchair can be easily disassembled and transported in its travel bag thanks to an innovative brake system and a removable push bar.

run wheelchair disabled

Hikes and trails on varied terrain


Thanks to the optional trail wheels, various terrains such as paths and trails become accessible. The Hippocampe Marathon and Trail becomes a hiking chair. You can share together walks in the forest, by the sea, in the countryside or in the mountains but as well as participate in trails.

Armrests and footrest nets are provided to protect the user’s hands and feet from the wheel spokes and ground contact.

Many options are available to configure the Hippocampe according to your needs: support, security, comfort or leisure.

Configure your chair